5 Ways to Deal With Difficult Neighbors

Almost everyone would like to have the perfect neighbor whether an individual, a family or several people sharing living quarters live next door. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. An unbearable neighbor can make your life miserable; however, if you approach your neighbor the right way, a bad situation can turn into an agreeable state of affairs for both of you.

Please keep in mind that yelling, accusations and threats only escalate the predicament and serve no purpose whatsoever. Hot tempers and angry words have never solved anything, and these actions sometimes get people injured or killed.

There are 5 things you can do deal with quarrelsome, noisy and difficult neighbors.

1. First, consider creating more privacy for your personal space. If you can block out the difficult people, you may be easier to coexist if you consider installing CT fencing. CT fences cannot alleviate all the noise if that is the problem but it gives a barrier between you and the offending homeowners.

2. If that does not work, consider talking to them. It can be intimidating but it may best just to let them know something is upsetting you which could solve the problem. Use your judgment beforehand to determine how reasonable you think they are. If their offenses are small, they may just be an oversight on their part. If they seem completely unreasonable, this solution may not work, but at least consider it before taking more drastic measure.

3. You also have the option of doing nothing. This may be the best solution if you are planning to stay, the difficult neighbors are planning to stay, and you believe reasoning with them is going to be a waste of time. You are going to have to just cope with whatever the problem is and essentially, do nothing about it. You may want to talk to other neighbors to see how they feel, but in the end, this may be just a way in which to relieve stress.

4. If the problem is severe enough, you may need to call the police. Sometimes you start out thinking you will just live with the problem, but then it gets worse over time. If the problem continues to worsen and leads to your neighbors breaking the law, you need to contact the authorities. If you suspect something illegal is happening but you are not sure, it still does not hurt to contact the authorities. You may find you are able to solve more than one problem at one time by talking to someone who can do something about it.

5. Finally, you can always move. If you are living in a neighborhood where repeated problems occur and it is damaging your property and lowering your quality of life, you may need to go elsewhere. Some people choose to stay and fight, but not everyone has time to march down to their city hall building and take on an entire neighborhood of apathy. If there are problems and no one is doing anything about them, and they are putting your family's safety at risk, it may be better to move on to a better place.

More Tips to Help You with Your Difficult Neighbors

1. Realize that people have different perspectives and attitudes about things than you do. Something that seems unreasonable to you may seem perfectly normal to them.

2. Refrain from getting into an altercation with a neighbor when both of you are angry. Like any other relationship, words said in anger can be especially hurtful and cannot be taken back once they have been uttered.

3. Give the situation that you disagree about some time to resolve itself. Something that makes you angry one day may not even be an issue a day or so later.

4. Ask your neighbor to discuss the matter on neutral territory, even if that is just on the sidewalk. That way each person can begin to think about what happened without feeling that they are in the other person's space.

5. Do not ask other neighbors to take side. That will just escalate the situation. You want to diffuse the anger and resolve the issue, not have a neighborhood in turmoil.

6. If you belong to a homeowner's association, contact them and see if there are any issues that are addressed in the association's bylaws. Many times one person is breaking a rule and that is the exact thing that is causing the problem. If this is the case, ask the association to contact the other neighbor and inform them of the rule they are breaking.

7. Make every effort to resolve the problem yourself. You may be living near this person for many, many years so you do not want to have bad feelings between you that can make your daily life uncomfortable.

In Conclusion

All residents of a neighborhood and tenants in a rented place have the right to live comfortably and peacefully. You deserve space and time to relax, and dealing with difficult neighbors shouldn't prevent you from this peacefulness.